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Shipping Information

Below is infoamtion about the Mary Poppins rental set, costume, props and projections shipping and delivery information.


Let us handle it

For all rentals, Front Row ships through its shipping partners. Due to the volume of shipping Front Row does each year, Front Row enjoys a significant discount on many shipping lanes which can be passed on to its clients.

Clients are also welcome to arrange their own trucking service to pick up and /or drop off the package they are renting. For clients who use this option, there is a loading and/or unloading fee charged to cover Front Row's crew at the warehouse.


Rolls right off

Front Row's Mary Poppins rentals come on custom steel carts or in special wardrobe crates designed to simply roll off the truck*.

Costume rentals are shipped via LTL freight. All scenery travels in one 53' semi truck that will drop the set off and then leave. The truck will return for load out.

Rental sets are designed to be unloaded by crews ranging from 8-16 people, depending on local conditions.



Clients are allowed to have their staff set up the Mary Poppins rentals without a Front Row technician with a signed technician waiver and a refundable damages deposit.


As an optional service, Front Row Theatrical Rental will arrange a local technician to help oversee the installation of the Mary Poppins rental. This tech will be brought from a local IATSE stagehands office. Hiring locally helps keep costs lower but the tech will NOT be familiar with the specifics of the Mary Poppins rentals. The tech is knowledgeable about the best general practices for assembling touring scenery and costume packages.


As an optional concierge service, Front Row Theatrical Rental's own professional technician will lead the assembly of the set or the laying out of the costumes package. This tech is knowledgeable about the specifics of this set and/or costume plot. This service is best for theaters who are on a tight schedule or who have to their own additional costs such as union labor or building rental fees.

Pick Up

Rolls Right On

For load-out, Front Row will arrange trucking transportation for the return of the rental package. Costumes and props ship via LTL freight on pallets. Rental scenery is returned on a single 53' truck packed by the client.

Alternative, clients are always free to arrange their own return transportation. An unloading fee will apply on Front Row's dock for the labor needed to unload the rental package.

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More Poppins Information

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Poppins Rental Pricing

Pricing is based on length of run and time of year as well as other factors. In addition to individual pricing per package, Front Row offers customizable pricing for multiple packages or specific dates. Also, from time to time, Front Row offers special discounts and specials on specific properties. The table below is merely intended to give potential renters **an idea** of starting costs. Additional discounts may be available through the packaging of multiple shows or packages. Contact us for more information. Check our Specials Page for more information.


$6,000 - $15,0000+

For the run of show; includes tech rehearsals.

Front Row offers a brand new premium Mary Poppins rental set. The set features an enormous and grand parlor, a historic kitchen with magic, a beautiful park, 3 drops and more.


$4,000 - $9,000+

For the run of show; includes tech rehearsals.

A complete Mary Poppins costume rental package is available for rental from Front Row Theatrical Rental. Available in multiple sizes and for various cast sizes.


$750 - $2,500+

For the run of show; includes tech rehearsals.

As a separate rental, Front Row offers a complete Mary Poppins hand props rental package. Highlights include a special magic bag, the umbrella with the bird head and more.


$350 - $4,500+

For the run of show; includes tech rehearsals.

Front Row offers still and moving digital projections rentals for Mary Poppins. These are intended to be a standalone package in place of actually scenery although they can be used to augment.



Contact us today to get customized packaged pricing for one or more Mary Poppins rental packages.

Discounts also available for those renting more than one show from Front Row. (I.E. Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast.)

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