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Front Row Theatrical Rental differentiates itself by being run and operated by active union stagehands. These stagehands work on Broadway and across the country bringing their experience, skill and knowledge to all of Front Row Theatrical Rental's operations.

Additionally, Front Row is proud to support a livable wage for its workers by employing local 48 brothers and sisters in its Cleveland warehouse.

From design to rigging to truck packs, every aspect of a rental from Front Row Theatrical exudes premium professionalism.

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What is a Premium Rental?
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What is a Premium Rental?

A Front Row premium Broadway rental is a set, costume, projection or props package specifically designed for professional theatres and presents with a quality comparable to Broadway national tours. Front Row Theatrical Rental differentiates itself by exclusively offering affordable Broadway national tour quality sets, costumes, projections and props for professional theatres to educational institutions alike.

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Mary Poppins Rentals

How are Rentals Designed?


More Poppins Information

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Poppins Rental Pricing

Pricing is based on length of run and time of year as well as other factors.In addition to individual pricing per package, Front Row offers customizable pricing for multipule packages or specific dates. Also, from time to time, Front Row offers special discounts and specials on specific properties. The table below is merely intended to give potential renters **an idea** of starting costs. Additional discounts may be available through the packaging of multiple shows or packages. Contact us for more information. Check our Specials Page for more information.


$6,000 - $15,0000+

For the run of show; includes tech.

Front Row offers a brand new premium Mary Poppins rental set. The set features an enormous and grand parlor, a historic kitchen with magic, a beautiful park, 3 drops and more.


$4,000 - $9,000+

For the run of show; includes tech.

A complete Mary Poppins costume rental package is available for rental from Front Row Theatrical Rental. Available in multiple sizes and for various cast sizes.


$750 - $2,500+

For the run of show; includes tech.

As a separate rental, Front Row offers a complete Mary Poppins hand props rental package. Highlights include a special magic bag, the umbrella with the bird head and more.


$350 - $4,500+

For the run of show; includes tech.

Front Row offers still and moving digital projections rentals for Mary Poppins. These are intended to be a standalone package in place of actually scenery although they can be used to augment.



Contact us today to get customized packaged pricing for one or more Mary Poppins rental packages.

Discounts also available for those renting more than one show from Front Row. (I.E. Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast.)

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