Mary Poppins Set

Rent professional Mary Poppins scenery from Chinchilla Theatrical Scenic.

Mary Poppins Costumes

Chinchilla Theatrical Scenic is proud to offer costumes from Mary Poppins for rental built in 2015.

Mary Poppins Budget Set

Coming soon - a Mary Poppins budget set rental. Perfect for smaller spaces and tighter budgets.

Mary Poppins Set & Costume Pictures

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Mary Poppins Rentals - Included

What is included in each Mary Poppins set and costume rental?

Mary Poppins

Set Rental
  • Parlor Interior - 3 separate pieces combine for 30' wide by 20' tall
  • Kitchen - 3 separate pieces combine for 30' wide by 12' tall max
  • Nursery - 3 separate pieces combine for 27' wide by 15' tall max
  • Roof top - 2 separate pieces combine for 20' wide by 4' deep
  • Banks house exterior - 1 piece 13' tall by 9' wide
  • Park - 40' wide fence with bench and pedestals
  • Talking Shop - 3 separate pieces. Book cases 8' tall by 6' wide. Counters 6' wide by 2' deep. Door 30" wide by 9' tall
  • Cathedral - 20' tall by 3' wide
  • Groundrow - 40' wide by up to 12' tall
  • Painted star and moon backdrop - 40' wide by 20' tall
  • "Magic" table that breaks in half
  • "Magic" night table that allows regular props to pass through in the nursery
  • "Magic" pots and pans rack
  • "Magic" cupboard with falling plates in the kitchen
  • Kitchen sink capable of being rigged for fog when Robertson Aye burns himself

Mary Poppins

Costume Rental
  • Now Available!! Contact us for more information.

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