Rental Process

Learn about the Mary Poppins costume rental process.

Costume Rental Process


Costumes for Everyone

Front Row offers many different sizes of costumes for each of our packages.

Clients submit their casts' measurements so that the closest available sized costume can be pulled.

In the event that Front Row doesn't have the needed size, a slightly larger costume will be pulled allowing alterations of the costume to take place for the perfect fit.


Get the Perfect Fit

Costume alterations are handled in two ways:


Clients are always allowed to make temporary alterations (see our alterations policy for details) provided they are removed prior to the return of the costume.


As an optional concierge service, Front Row Theatrical Rental's professional tailors will alter the rental costumes to each performers exact measurements ensuring a perfect fit right out of the box. This service is best for theaters who do not have a costumes department, don't have the space to alter the costumes for their performers or who will be very short on time once the costumes arrive.


Spring Clean Smell

All rentals need to be cleaned after usage to ensure the proper care of the costumes. There are two different options for cleaning the costumes available to customers:


Clients can wash and/or dry clean (each costume has different needs) the costumes themselves prior to the return of the package. The advantage to this option is usually cost. It is less expensive for clients to clean the costumes prior to return verses having Front Row clean them for clients.


For those clients with time restrictions, Front Row Theatrical Rental offers a concierge cleaning option at an additional cost. When clients choose this option they simply send back the costumes dirty (but dry, no sweaty costumes) and Front Row handles the rest.


Let us handle it

For all rentals, Front Row ships via a service called LTL (load to Load) Freight through its shipping partners. The costumes arrive to clients on a pallet(s) with the costumes pre-hung* in wardrobe boxes.

Not only does this shipping method save time but for many principle characters, these boxes can simply be rolled into the dressing rooms of those characters and all their costumes are already right there on hangers.

LTL shipping also saves clients money over methods such as UPS or Fed Ex. Front Row handles all of the logistics of the shipping itself. This means all clients have to do at the end of their rental is clean the costumes as per the instructions and then put them back in the boxes. Front Row's freight partners will come to your location and pick up the costumes.


More Poppins Information

Learn more about Mary Poppins Rental options and packages.

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Poppins Rental Pricing

Pricing is based on length of run and time of year as well as other factors.In addition to individual pricing per package, Front Row offers customizable pricing for multipule packages or specific dates. Also, from time to time, Front Row offers special discounts and specials on specific properties. The table below is merely intended to give potential renters **an idea** of starting costs. Additional discounts may be available through the packaging of multiple shows or packages. Contact us for more information. Check our Specials Page for more information.


$6,000 - $15,0000+

For the run of show; includes tech.

Front Row offers a brand new premium Mary Poppins rental set. The set features an enormous and grand parlor, a historic kitchen with magic, a beautiful park, 3 drops and more.


$4,000 - $9,000+

For the run of show; includes tech.

A complete Mary Poppins costume rental package is available for rental from Front Row Theatrical Rental. Available in multiple sizes and for various cast sizes.


$750 - $2,500+

For the run of show; includes tech.

As a separate rental, Front Row offers a complete Mary Poppins hand props rental package. Highlights include a special magic bag, the umbrella with the bird head and more.


$350 - $4,500+

For the run of show; includes tech.

Front Row offers still and moving digital projections rentals for Mary Poppins. These are intended to be a standalone package in place of actually scenery although they can be used to augment.



Contact us today to get customized packaged pricing for one or more Mary Poppins rental packages.

Discounts also available for those renting more than one show from Front Row. (I.E. Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast.)

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