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Founded in 2003

Chinchilla History

Founded in 2003, Chinchilla Theatrical is a leader in revolutionizing the way technical theatre is produced. From offering a single source for all technical needs and supplies to providing rental sets and equipment at pricing available to the masses, Chinchilla is the nation's only single-call provider.


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Chinchilla History

The Chinchilla Companies

The Chinchilla brand is comprised of 4 core companies: Chinchilla Theatrical Scenic -providing custom sets, rental sets, costumes and props: Chinchilla Theatrical Sound- theatrical audio equipment and sales: Chinchilla Theatrical Video offering projector rentals, and playback systems and finally The Chinchilla Pro Store offering expendable supplies to all technical departments. Chinchilla also has a brand new ticketing system coming called Equitis. Equitis ticketing is a new "fair trade" ticketing system offering rates 50% lower than anyone else in the market.

Begun in 2010, Chinchilla Theatrical Scenic started by renting a single Hairspray set and costumes. Over the past 5 years, Chinchilla Theatrical Scenic has built additional sets and costume packages as part of its offerings. Starting in 2015, CTS began the industries only managed sets program. Through this program, Chinchilla takes over the management and rental of previously built scenery for a particular theatre. The theatre simply receives a check each time the set is rented. Currently, Chinchilla offers set for 13 shows, some of which feature a main and budget set. Costumes are available for 4 different shows.

The Companies


Chinchilla Theatrical Scenic

Custom scenery, set rentals, rental costumes. LEARN MORE

Chinchilla Theatrical Sound

Broadway audio rentals, sales and consultation. LEARN MORE

Chinchilla Theatrical Video

Video playback systems and rentals for musicals, operas and plays. LEARN MORE

Chinchilla Theatrical Pro Store

Discounted supplies including tape, lamps and more. LEARN MORE